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Evolution of flight morphology in stick insects

This manuscript covers: (1) relative abundance of flight morphs (here determined by wing and body sizes) in stick insects, and (2) evolutionary correlation between key morphological variables, with sexual dimorphism incorporated. This work paved the ground for understanding the diversity of flight morphology in stick insects and provided a template for addressing insect flight biomechanics

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Rapid aerial righting in baby stick insects falling upside-down

(this is part of an article written for the Phasmid Studies Group news letter, June issue 2017) Most stick insects are friendly and easy to rear, which made them convenient for lab studies. Also, there are more important reasons why they are suitable for the topics I was addressing – flight evolution. Anybody who has

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Aerial righting in wingless stick insects

Following my discovery of gliding behaviors of nymphal Extatosoma tiaratum stick insect at UW greenhouse in fall 2005, I conducted a series of researches on gliding behavior of nymphal stick insects as an undergrad. It was extended into my PhD thesis research, which addressed key issues in insect flight evolution by using the stick insects as a model system. The

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