Yu Zeng, Ph.D.

Biomechanist and evolutionary biologist based in Chapman University at Orange, California.

[my first name (Yu) is pronounced “ü”, see here and this YouTube video]

Email: dreavoniz{at}berkeley.edu
(yzeng7 at ucmerced is no longer working)



* Biomechanics and evolution of flight and other aerial behaviors, such as parachuting, righting and gliding, especially in small insects

* Biomechanics and evolution of high-performance systems, including musculoskeletal systems, feeding apparatus, novel biomaterials, etc.

* Biomechanics and evolution at cellular level, including collective mobility, intracellular morphogenesis, etc.

* Study systems: arthropods (especially stick insects), anuran tadpoles, Caulobacter bacterium, hagfish slime and slime gland, plethodontid salamanders, etc.


* Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of California at Berkeley, Co-advisors: Robert Dudley & David Wake (new site)

* B.A., Biological Sciences, Sichuan University – University of Washington

Reviewed for
* eLife
* Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution
* Integrative and Comparative Biology
* Integrative Zoology
* iScience
* Journal of Experimental Biology
* Journal of Insect Sciences
* Journal of Comparative Physiology
* PeerJ
* Physical Review Letters
* Scientific Reports
* Zoomorphology

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