I’m a biomechanist and evolutionary biologist based in Chapman University at Orange, California. My research focuses on revealing the mechanisms underlying novel designs that give rise to functional leaps in nature and further bridges the gap between fundamental questions and bio-inspiration.

Yu Zeng, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Fudge Lab, Chapman University
Affiliated Researcher, Liu Lab, University of California at Merced
    Email: dreavoniz{at}berkeley.edu

(yzeng7 at ucmerced is no longer working)

* Biomechanics and evolution of insect flight and controlled aerial behaviors (falling, righting and gliding)

* Locomotion and maneuverability in jointed systems
* Biophysics and evolution of collective behaviors in unicellular organisms

* Capillarity phenomena in amphibians and the biomechanics and evolution of feeding in anuran tadpoles

    * Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of California at Berkeley, Co-advisors: Prof. Robert Dudley & Prof. David Wake
    * B.A., Biological Sciences, Sichuan University – University of Washington

Reviewed for
* Integrative and Comparative Biology
* Integrative Zoology
* Journal of Experimental Biology
* Journal of Insect Sciences
* Journal of Comparative Physiology
* PeerJ
* Physical Review Letters
* Scientific Reports
* Zoomorphology