I’m a biomechanist and evolutionary biologist based in Chapman University at Orange, California. My research addresses novel designs in nature, often by answering questions in biomechanics (e.g., multi-body mechanics and fluid mechanics) and behavioral ecology under an evolutionary framework. The ultimate goals are deeper unfolding of organismal organization and inspiration for bio-mimetic engineering.

Yu Zeng, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Fudge Lab, Chapman University
  Email: dreavoniz{at}berkeley.edu

(yzeng7 at ucmerced is no longer working)

[My first name “Yu” is pronounced as “ü”, as explained here and demonstrated in this YouTube video]

* Biomechanics and evolution of insect flight and controlled aerial behaviors (falling, righting and gliding)

* Locomotion and maneuverability in jointed systems
* Biophysics and evolution of collective behaviors in unicellular organisms

* Capillarity phenomena in amphibians and the biomechanics and evolution of feeding in anuran tadpoles

    * Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of California at Berkeley, Co-advisors: Prof. Robert Dudley & Prof. David Wake
    * B.A., Biological Sciences, Sichuan University – University of Washington

Reviewed for
* Integrative and Comparative Biology
* Integrative Zoology
* Journal of Experimental Biology
* Journal of Insect Sciences
* Journal of Comparative Physiology
* PeerJ
* Physical Review Letters
* Scientific Reports
* Zoomorphology